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     1. art. the
     2. pron. (accusative) her, it
           La vedo. - I see her.
     3. pron. (accusative, formal) you (term of respect)
           La vedo. - I see you.
           Scusi se la disturbo. - Sorry to bother you.
     4. n. (music) la (musical note)
     5. n. (music) A (musical note and scale)
     1. n-f. life
     2. n-f. waist
     1. v. third-person singular present indicative of essere; is
           Se non è vero, è ben trovato - If it is not true, it is a good story.
          1. v. (intransitive, indicating existence, identity, location, or state) to be, to stay
          2. v. (auxiliary, used to form composite past tense of many intransitive verbs) to have (done something); to
          3. v. (impersonal, of a duration of time since an event) to have passed
          4. n. being
     1. adj. (possessive) one's, one's own, her (own), its (own), their (own)
           pensare ai fatti propri - to mind one's own business
           fare del proprio meglio - to do one's best
           in proprio - on one's own, by oneself
     2. adj. (possessive, peculiar) characteristic, peculiar, typical
           il cimurro è una malattia propria del cane - distemper is a disease peculiar to the dog
     3. adj. (possessive, grammar, mathematics) proper
           nome proprio - proper noun
     4. adv. (qual, really) really, quite, indeed
           Anna è proprio bella. - Anna is really beautiful.
     5. adv. (qual, exactly) just, quite, exactly
           proprio allora - just then
     6. adv. (qual, intensifier) very, right, at all
           proprio ora - this very minute
     7. n. one's own, what belongs to one, one's due
           a ciascuno il proprio - to each his due
     8. pron. (possessive) one's, one's own, her (own), its (own), their (own)
     1. art. an, a
     2. n. one
     3. adj. one
     4. pron. one
     1. adj. yellow
     2. adj. (of a story) involving crimes and detective work
           Mistero giallo. - Crime mystery.
           Racconti gialli. - Whodunit tales.
     3. n. the colour yellow
     4. n. amber, yellow (traffic signals)
     5. n. mystery, (police) case
     6. n. detective fiction, detective novel, detective story; crime fiction; whodunit; pulp fiction
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