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Google Translation:
La sua bravura mi ha colpito

     1. art. the
     2. pron. (accusative) her, it
           La vedo. - I see her.
     3. pron. (accusative, formal) you (term of respect)
           La vedo. - I see you.
           Scusi se la disturbo. - Sorry to bother you.
     4. n. (music) la (musical note)
     5. n. (music) A (musical note and scale)
     1. pron. (possessive) yours (formal or polite)
     2. adj. (possessive) your (formal or polite)
     3. pron. feminine singular of suo
     4. adj. feminine singular of suo
     1. n. skill
     2. n. cleverness
     3. n. virtuosity
     1. pron. me
     2. pron. (dative) (to) me
           (Lui/Lei) non mi piace. / Non mi piace (lui/lei). - (He/She/It) not likes to me. / I do not like (him/her/it). / To me not likes (he/she/it).
           (Lui/Lei) mi piace. / Mi piace (lui/lei). - (He/She/It) likes to me. / I like (him/her/it). / To me likes (he/she/it).
     3. n. (music) The third note, mi.
     4. n. E (musical note or key)
     5. n. mu (Greek letter)
     1. v. third-person singular present indicative of avere
     2. interj. ah! (usually ironic or sarcastic)
     1. v. past participle of colpire (feminine: colpita, masculine plural: colpiti, feminine plural: colpite)
     2. adj. struck
     3. adj. stricken
     4. adj. (figurative) impressed
           Sono rimasto molto colpito da Tom. - I was very impressed with Tom.
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