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     1. prep. from
           Giacomino da Verona - Giacomino from Verona
           interviste dal libro - interviews from the book
           traduzione dall’“Inferno” di Dante - translation from Dante’s ‘Inferno’
           Dalla Terra alla Luna - From the Earth to the Moon
     2. prep. at
           da Giovanni - at Giovanni’s house
     3. prep. since
           da quando? - since when?
     4. prep. to (implying necessity)
           Non c'è (niente) da fare - There's nothing to do
     5. prep. ngd, Used in some adverbial phrases:
           da per tutto/dappertutto/da ogni parte - everywhere
           da presso/dappresso - closely
           da lontano - from a distance
           da solo - by oneself
     6. prep. like, as
           fare una vita da cani - to live like dogs
           correre da matti - to run like crazies
           trattare da amico - to treat as a friend
     7. v. misspelling of dà
     1. adj. Apocopic form of quello, used before a consonant that is not impure.
     1. n. moment
     2. n. (physics) momentum
     1. prep. in
           Ho qualcosa in tasca. - I have got something in my pocket.
           Partirò in primavera. - I will be leaving in spring.
           Vado in quinta elementare. - I'm in fifth grade of elementary school.
     2. prep. to
           Sono andato in panetteria. - I went to the bakery.
           Vado in quinta elementare. - I go to fifth grade of elementary school.
     3. prep. into
     4. prep. by
           Vado a scuola in autobus. - I go to school by bus.
     5. prep. on
           Ho messo un cappello in testa. - I put a hat on my head.
           Metti il pane in tavola. - Put the bread on the table.
     1. adv. then
     2. adv. later
     3. n. the future
     1. pron. I, the first person
     1. v. first-person singular conditional of avere
          1. v. to have
                Avevo un'anima. - I used to have a soul.
                Ho una macchina. - I have a car.
                Ho diciassette anni. - I have 17 years.
          2. v. (auxiliary) to have
                Ho fatto un errore. - I (have) made a mistake.
          3. n. property, substance
          4. n. (in the plural) belongings
          5. n. credit, assets
          6. n. swag
     1. v. past participle of parlare (feminine: parlata, masculine plural: parlati, feminine plural: parlate)
          1. v. to talk
          2. v. to speak
          3. v. (heraldry) to cant
     1. prep. with, together
     2. prep. (rowing) coxed
     1. pron. he
     2. pron. (disjunctive) him
     3. pron. it
     1. prep. with, together
     2. prep. (rowing) coxed
     1. adj. feminine plural of tutto
          1. adj. all
          2. pron. everything, all
          3. pron. anything
          4. adv. entirely, quite
          5. adv. all over
          6. n. whole
     1. pron. (formal) alternative case form of le (you)
           nel ringraziarla per la sua risposta, Le porgo i miei distinti saluti
     2. art. the
     3. pron. (accusative) them (third-person plural feminine)
           Le ho viste. - I saw them.
     4. pron. (dative) her, to her
           Le ho detto che la amo. - I told her that I love her.
           Le ho dato la lettera. - I gave her the letter.
     5. pron. (dative) you, to you (term of respect)
           Non le ho detto il mio nome. - I didn't tell you my name.
           Le ho dato la lettera. - I gave you the letter.
     1. adj. your (polite)
     2. adj. his, her, its; plural of sua
le sue
     1. pron. his (that which belongs to him)
     1. n. plural of creatura
          1. n. creature
          2. n. (regional) an infant or small child
          3. n. (figuratively) protege
     1. conj. and
     1. contraction. contraction of con il; with the
          1. prep. with, together
          2. prep. (rowing) coxed
          1. art. the
     1. n. wind (movement of air caused by differences in atmospheric pressure)
     1. pron. (reflexive pronoun) oneself, himself, herself, itself, themselves
           Il tuo gatto si lava sul mio letto. - Your cat cleans himself/itself on my bed.
           La tua gatta si lava sul mio letto. - Your cat cleans herself on my bed.
           Marco si è rotto il braccio. - Marco has broken his arm.
     2. pron. (reciprocal pronoun) each other, one another
           Carlo e Laura si amano. - Carlo and Laura love each other.
     3. pron. (indefinite) one, you, we, they, people
           In Italia si pranza intorno all'una. - In Italy they eat lunch around 13.
           In Italia si tende ad andare a letto tardi. - In Italy, people tend to go to bed late.
           Si dice che Maria volesse uccidere Giovanni. - It is said that Maria wanted to kill Giovanni.
           Da questa finestra si vede la banca. - From this window, one can see the bank.
     4. pron. (si passivante) (ngd, Used to form the passive voice of a verb); it
           Si vende latte. / Vendesi latte. - Milk for sale.
           Non si accettano carte di credito. - Credit cards are not accepted.
     5. n. (music) B
          1. adv. yes
          2. adv. so
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