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     1. adv. so
     2. adv. like this/that
     3. adv. thus
     1. v. first-person singular present of essere; (I) [[am]], [[I'm]].
     2. v. third-person plural present of essere; (they) [[are]], [[they're]].
     3. n. alternative form of suono
          1. v. (intransitive, indicating existence, identity, location, or state) to be, to stay
          2. v. (auxiliary, used to form composite past tense of many intransitive verbs) to have (done something); to
          3. v. (impersonal, of a duration of time since an event) to have passed
          4. n. being
     1. v. first-person singular past historic of scendere
          1. v. (transitive, non-standard) to go (all the way) down, come (all the way) down (the stairs)
                scendere le scale - to go down the stairs
          2. v. (transitive, non-standard) to climb (all the way) down (a ladder)
                scendere la scala - to climb down the ladder
          3. v. (intransitive) to descend, move downward; go down
                scendere (al piano di sotto) - to go downstairs
                scendere in città - to go into the city; go to town
                scendere in piazza - to take to the streets (in protest)
          4. v. (intransitive) to climb down from, come down from
                scendere dall'albero - to come down from the tree
          5. v. (intransitive) to get out of (bed)
                scendere dal letto - to get out of bed
          6. v. (intransitive) to get off; get out of; disembark from; alight
                scendere dal treno - to get off the train
                scendere dalla macchina - to get out of the car
          7. v. (intransitive, of a river) to flow down, run down, descend
          8. v. (intransitive, of rain) to fall (to the ground)
          9. v. (intransitive, of levels, temperature) to drop, fall, go down
     1. prep. in
           Ho qualcosa in tasca. - I have got something in my pocket.
           Partirò in primavera. - I will be leaving in spring.
           Vado in quinta elementare. - I'm in fifth grade of elementary school.
     2. prep. to
           Sono andato in panetteria. - I went to the bakery.
           Vado in quinta elementare. - I go to fifth grade of elementary school.
     3. prep. into
     4. prep. by
           Vado a scuola in autobus. - I go to school by bus.
     5. prep. on
           Ho messo un cappello in testa. - I put a hat on my head.
           Metti il pane in tavola. - Put the bread on the table.
     1. n. (construction) lift, elevator
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