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     1. adj. ugly, bad, nasty
     2. n-m. ugly person
     3. v. first-person singular present indicative of bruttare
          1. v. To sully, soil or dirty
     1. adv. not
     2. adv. un-
     3. adv. don't
     1. pron. (disjunctive, emphatic) me
     2. pron. alternative form of mi
     1. adv. from there
           Ne uscirono tre. - Three of them came out from there.
     2. pron. about it
           Ne ho sentito parlare. - I have heard about it.
           Cosa ne pensi? - What do you think about it?
     3. pron. of it
           C'è della torta? Ne voglio una fetta. - Is there any cake? I want a slice of it.
     4. pron. of them (sometimes not translated in English)
           Non ne ho più. - I've got no more (of them) left.
     5. contraction. apocopic form of it nel
           Massimo Troisi ha vinto un oscar per la sua interpretazione ne "Il postino". - Massimo Troisi won an Oscar for his performance in "Il Postino".
     1. v. to talk
     2. v. to speak
     3. v. (heraldry) to cant
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