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     1. v. masculine plural of appeso
     2. v. first-person singular past historic of appendere
          1. v. to hang (something up on something else)
          2. v. to pin up
          1. v. past participle of appendere (feminine: appesa, masculine plural: appesi, feminine plural: appese)
     1. prep. under, beneath, underneath
     2. prep. below, south of
     3. adv. down
     4. adv. underneath
     5. adv. below
     6. n. bottom
     1. art. the
     1. n. ceiling
     1. adv. how
           Come stai? - How are you? (informal)
           Come sta? - How are you? (formal)
     2. adv. as, like
           blu come il mare - as blue as the sea
     3. adv. such as
     4. conj. as soon as
           come arrivò… - as soon as he arrived…
     1. n. plural of abito
     2. v. second-person singular present of abitare
     3. v. first-person singular present subjunctive of abitare
     4. v. second-person singular present subjunctive of abitare
     5. v. third-person singular present subjunctive of abitare
     6. v. third-person singular imperative of abitare
          1. v. to reside
          2. v. to live in, or inhabit a place
          1. n. garment
          2. n.          dress (of a woman)
          3. n.          suit (of a man)
          4. n.          habit (of a monk or nun)
          5. n. (zoology) especially a bird's plumage
          6. n. (Christianity) scapular
          7. n. aptitude, bent
          8. n. (literary) habit (action done on a regular basis)
          9. n. (literary) bearing, appearance
          10. n. (Aristotelic philosophy) Disposition to be or act in a certain way.
          11. n. (medicine) The characteristics of the body's shape.
          12. n. (zoology) habitus
          13. n. (crystallography) The predominant simple shape in a crystal.
          14. v. first-person singular present indicative of abitare
     1. adv. up, upstairs
     2. interj. come on!
     3. prep. on, upon, onto, on top
           Lezione d'inglese numero 1: Il libro è sulla tavola. - English lesson number 1: The book is on the table.
     4. prep. over
           L'orologio sul polsino della camicia era il marchio di fabbrica di Gianni Agnelli. - The watch over the shirt cuff was Gianni Agnelli's trademark.
     5. prep. about, on
           Gli italiani non sono d'accordo su molte cose sul come cucinare la pasta e soprattutto sul condimento. - Italians don't agree on many things about how to cook pasta and especially on the sauce.
     6. prep. above
           La Paz, che sorge a circa 3600 metri sul livello del mare, è la più alta capitale del mondo. - La Paz, which lies about 3600 metres above sea level, is the world's highest capital city.
     7. prep. in, out of
           Un europeo su cinque avrà più di 65 anni entro il 2025. - One in five Europeans will be more than 65 years old by year 2025.
     1. n. plural of gruccia
          1. n. crutch
          2. n. coathanger
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