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     1. v. third-person singular present indicative of essere; is
           Se non è vero, è ben trovato - If it is not true, it is a good story.
          1. v. (intransitive, indicating existence, identity, location, or state) to be, to stay
          2. v. (auxiliary, used to form composite past tense of many intransitive verbs) to have (done something); to
          3. v. (impersonal, of a duration of time since an event) to have passed
          4. n. being
     1. art. an, a
     2. n. one
     3. adj. one
     4. pron. one
     1. adj. preconsonantal masculine singular form of bello
     1. v. to talk
     2. v. to speak
     3. v. (heraldry) to cant
     1. conj. but
     2. n. abbreviation of mamma
     3. interj. (informal, emphatic) Indicates emotion or emphasis.
           Ma che carino! - Oh, how cute!
     4. interj. (informal) Used to introduce a new topic or a question.
           Ma...tu sei di Roma? - So...you're from Rome?
     1. v. first-person plural present indicative of dovere
     2. v. first-person plural present subjunctive of dovere
          1. v. to owe
          2. v. (auxiliary) to have to do something (must)
          3. n. duty
     1. v. to do
     2. v. to make
     3. v. to act
     4. v. to get someone to be something
     5. n. manner, way
     1. art. the
     1. n. plural of conto
     2. n. plural of conte
     3. v. second-person singular present indicative of contare
     4. v. first-person singular present subjunctive of contare
     5. v. second-person singular present subjunctive of contare
     6. v. third-person singular present subjunctive of contare
     7. v. third-person singular imperative of contare
          1. v. to count
          2. v. to include
          3. v. to tell (a story)
          4. v. (intransitive) to count, to matter
          5. v. (intransitive) to count on someone
          1. n. calculation
          2. n. account (at a bank etc)
          3. n. bill (for a meal, hotel etc)
          4. v. first-person singular present of contare
fare i conti
     1. v. (literally) to do the math
     2. v. to deal with, to come to terms with
     1. prep. with, together
     2. prep. (rowing) coxed
     1. pron. (formal) alternative case form of la (you)
     2. art. the
     3. pron. (accusative) her, it
           La vedo. - I see her.
     4. pron. (accusative, formal) you (term of respect)
           La vedo. - I see you.
           Scusi se la disturbo. - Sorry to bother you.
     5. n. (music) la (musical note)
     6. n. (music) A (musical note and scale)
     1. n. reality
     2. n. situation
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