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Google Translation:
(senso figurato) uomo dalle abitudini o attitudini poco igieniche, sporcaccione

     1. n. sense
     2. n. direction
     3. n. purpose
     4. n. meaning
     5. n. (in plural) consciousness
     1. v. past participle of figurare
     2. v. past participle of figurarsi
     3. adj. figurative
     4. adj. illustrated
     1. n. man
     2. n. mankind
     1. contr. (contraction of da le) from the
          1. prep. from
          2. prep. At the house of, since
          3. v. Common misspelling of dà
          1. art. the
          2. pron. (third-person plural feminine) them
          3. pron. (dative) her, to her
          4. pron. (dative) you, to you
     1. n. plural of abitudine
          1. n. habit, practice (customary behaviour)
          2. n. custom
          3. n. routine
     1. conj. or
     2. v. (misspelling of ho)
     1. n. plural of attitudine
          1. n. aptitude, flair, bent
          2. n. attitude, posture, poise
     1. adv. little, not much
     2. adv. (followed by an adjective) little, not very, poorly
     3. adv. (time) a little, a while, a short time
     4. adj. little, not much
     5. adj. few, not many
     6. adj. short, little (time)
     7. n. little
     8. pron. little, not much
     9. pron. few, not many
     10. pron. nearly, not long, short, little (time)
     1. adj. Feminine plural form of igienico
     1. adj. filthy, disgusting
     2. n. Filthy or disgusting person
     3. n. plural of sporcacciona
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