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Google Translation:
(senso figurato) impudenza, sfrontatezza, faccia tosta

     1. n. sense
     2. n. direction
     3. n. purpose
     4. n. meaning
           Non ha senso. - This doesn't make sense.
     5. n. (in the plural) consciousness
     1. v. past participle of figurare (feminine: figurata, masculine plural: figurati, feminine plural: figurate)
     2. v. past participle of figurarsi
     3. adj. figurative
     4. adj. illustrated
     1. n. impudence, cheek
     1. n. impudence, effrontery, cheek, nerve
     1. n. face (of a person or an animal)
     2. n. countenance, expression, face
     3. n. side
     4. n. appearance, look
     5. n. (geometry) face, side
     6. v. first-person singular, second-person singular and third-person singular present subjunctive of fare
     7. v. third-person singular imperative of fare
     1. v. third-person singular present indicative of tostare
     2. v. second-person singular imperative of tostare
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