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Trattasi di due isole distinte


These are two separate islands.


     1. v. it is, they are, etc.
     2. v. in question
     it is etc
     1. prep. (ngd, Used to indicate possession, after the thing owned and before the owner); ’s
     2. prep. from
     3. prep. ’s
     4. prep. than
     5. prep. (ngd, Used in superlative forms); in, of
     6. prep. about, on, concerning
     7. prep. (ngd, Expresses composition); of, made of, in or more often omitted
     8. prep. (followed by an infinitive) to or omitted
     9. prep. (ngd, Used with the definite article in partitive constructions); some
     10. prep. ngd, Used in some expressions in a partitive-like function, often without article.
     1. num. (cln, it, cardinal numbers) two
     2. adj. two
     3. n. two
     4. n. (following the article (m, it, le)) two o'clock (a.m. or p.m.)
     1. n. plural of isola
          1. n. island, isle
          2. v. third-person singular present of isolare
          3. v. second-person singular imperative of isolare
     1. adj. feminine plural of adjective distinto
     2. Participle. feminine plural of distinto
          1. v. past participle of distinguere (feminine: distinta, masculine plural: distinti, feminine plural: distinte)
          2. adj. different, distinct
          3. adj. clear
          4. adj. distinguished, refined

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