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Leggere bene le istruzioni prima dell'uso.


Read the instructions carefully before use.


     1. v. (transitive, or intransitive) to read
     2. adj. feminine plural of leggero
     1. adj. upper-class, posh, high
     2. adv. (comparative: meglio; superlative: benissimo)
     3. adv. well, nicely, OK, right
     4. adv. properly, correctly, rightly
     5. adv. thoroughly, carefully
     6. adv. as much as, as many as
     7. interj. good!; fine!
     8. n. good
     9. n. (chiefly in the plural) goods, property, possessions, belongings, assets
     10. n. sake, good
     11. n. happiness
     12. n. sweetheart, darling, love, bless someone's cotton socks
     13. n. asset
     1. art. the
     2. pron. (accusative) them (third-person plural feminine)
     3. pron. (dative) her, to her
     4. pron. (dative) you, to you (term of respect)
     1. n. plural of istruzione
          1. n. education, schooling
          2. n. teaching
          3. n. instruction (in education, and in a CPU)
     1. adj. feminine singular of primo
     2. adv. before
     3. adv. once, formerly
     4. adv. beforehand, in advance
     5. adv. earlier, sooner
     6. n. the first
     7. n. an opening night; a premier
     8. n. the first year at school
          1. adj. first
          2. adj. initial
          3. adj. main, principal
          4. adj. (mathematics) prime
          5. n-m. first, first one
          6. n-m. initial one
          7. n-m. main one, principal one
          8. n-m. former (first of aforementioned two items. Used with the, often without a noun)
          9. n. (culinary) (clipping of primo piatto); first course, starter
     1. contraction. contraction of di la; of the, from the
     1. n. use
     2. n. custom, habit
     3. v. first-person singular present of usare
          1. v. to use something

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