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Conjugation of the Italian verb trovare

A list of the common conjugations for the Italian verb trovare, along with their English translations.

trovareto find

Present Indicative
io trovoI find
tu troviyou find
lui trovahe finds
lei trovashe finds
noi troviamowe find
voi trovateyou find
loro trovanothey find

Present Continuous / Presente Progressivo
Note for the Present Continuous Italian uses the present tense of the verb stare and the gerund of the verb.
io sto trovandoI am finding
tu stai trovandoyou are finding
lui sta trovandohe is finding
lei sta trovandoshe is finding
noi stiamo trovandowe are finding
voi state trovandoyou are finding
loro stanno trovandothey are finding

Imperfect Indicative
io trovavoI was finding
tu trovaviyou were finding
lui trovavahe was finding
lei trovavashe was finding
noi trovavamowe were finding
voi trovavateyou were finding
loro trovavanothey were finding

Past Historic / Passato remoto
This is a literary tense, i.e. a tense used in writing, in everyday speech the Passato Prossimo is used to refer to past actions.
io trovaiI found
tu trovastiyou found
lui trovòhe found
lei trovòshe found
noi trovammowe found
voi trovasteyou found
loro trovaronothey found

Past / Passato prossimo
io ho trovatoI found
tu hai trovatoyou found
lui ha trovatohe found
lei ha trovatoshe found
noi abbiamo trovatowe found
voi avete trovatoyou found
loro hanno trovatothey found

Pluperfect / Trapassato prossimo
io avevo trovatoI had found
tu avevi trovatoyou had found
lui aveva trovatohe had found
lei aveva trovatoshe had found
noi avevamo trovatowe had found
voi avevate trovatoyou had found
loro avevano trovatothey had found

Future Indicative
io troveròI will find
tu troveraiyou will find
lui troveràhe will find
lei troveràshe will find
noi troveremowe will find
voi trovereteyou will find
loro troverannothey will find

Future Perfect / Futuro anteriore
The Italian Future Perfect or Futuro anteriore is made with the future tense of avere for transitive verbs or essere for reflexive and intransitive verbs and the past participle of the verb. The past participle agrees with the subject for verbs that take essere, or with the direct object for verbs that take avere.
io avrò trovatoI will have found
tu avrai trovatoyou will have found
lui avrà trovatohe will have found
lei avrà trovatoshe will have found
noi avremo trovatowe will have found
voi avrete trovatoyou will have found
loro avranno trovatothey will have found

io trovereiI would find
tu troverestiyou would find
lui troverebbehe would find
lei troverebbeshe would find
noi troveremmowe would find
voi troveresteyou would find
loro troverebberothey would find

Present Subjunctive
(... che) io trovi(... that) I find
(... che) tu trovi(... that) you find
(... che) lui trovi(... that) he finds
(... che) lei trovi(... that) she finds
(... che) noi troviamo(... that) we find
(... che) voi troviate(... that) you find
(... che) loro trovino(... that) they find

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... che) je trovassi(... that) I was finding
(... che) tu trovassi(... that) you were finding
(... che) il trovasse(... that) he was finding
(... che) elle trovasse(... that) she was finding
(... che) nous trovassimo(... that) we were finding
(... che) vous trovaste(... that) you were finding
(... che) ils trovassero(... that) they were finding
(... che) elles trovassero(... that) they were finding

trova Find
troviamoLet's find
trovate Find

Present Participle
trovante finding

Past Participle
trovato found

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