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Conjugation of the Italian verb morire

A list of the common conjugations for the Italian verb morire, along with their English translations.

morireto die

Present Indicative
io muoioI die
tu muoriyou die
lui muorehe dies
lei muoreshe dies
noi moriamowe die
voi moriteyou die
loro muoionothey die

Imperfect Indicative
io morivoI was dying
tu moriviyou were dying
lui morivahe was dying
lei morivashe was dying
noi morivamowe were dying
voi morivateyou were dying
loro morivanothey were dying

Past Historic / Passato remoto
This is a literary tense, i.e. a tense used in writing, in everyday speech the Passato Prossimo is used to refer to past actions.
io moriiI died
tu moristiyou died
lui morìhe died
lei morìshe died
noi morimmowe died
voi moristeyou died
loro morironothey died

Future Indicative
io morròI will die
tu morraiyou will die
lui morràhe will die
lei morràshe will die
noi morremowe will die
voi morreteyou will die
loro morrannothey will die

io morreiI would die
tu morrestiyou would die
lui morrebbehe would die
lei morrebbeshe would die
noi morremmowe would die
voi morresteyou would die
loro morrebberothey would die

Present Subjunctive
(... che) io muoiaa(... that) I die
(... che) tu muoiaa(... that) you die
(... che) lui muoiaa(... that) he dies
(... che) lei muoiaa(... that) she dies
(... che) noi moriamo(... that) we die
(... che) voi moriate(... that) you die
(... che) loro muoiano(... that) they die

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... che) je morissi(... that) I was dying
(... che) tu morissi(... that) you were dying
(... che) il morisse(... that) he was dying
(... che) elle morisse(... that) she was dying
(... che) nous morissimo(... that) we were dying
(... che) ils morissero(... that) they were dying
(... che) elles morissero(... that) they were dying

muori Die
moriamoLet's die

Present Participle
morente dying

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