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Conjugation of the Italian verb memorizzare

A list of the common conjugations for the Italian verb memorizzare, along with their English translations.

memorizzareto memorize

Present Indicative
io memorizzoI memorize
tu memorizziyou memorize
lui memorizzahe memorizes
lei memorizzashe memorizes
noi memorizziamowe memorize
voi memorizzateyou memorize
loro memorizzanothey memorize

Present Continuous / Presente Progressivo
Note for the Present Continuous Italian uses the present tense of the verb stare and the gerund of the verb.
io sto memorizzandoI am memorizing
tu stai memorizzandoyou are memorizing
lui sta memorizzandohe is memorizing
lei sta memorizzandoshe is memorizing
noi stiamo memorizzandowe are memorizing
voi state memorizzandoyou are memorizing
loro stanno memorizzandothey are memorizing

Imperfect Indicative
io memorizzavoI was memorizing
tu memorizzaviyou were memorizing
lui memorizzavahe was memorizing
lei memorizzavashe was memorizing
noi memorizzavamowe were memorizing
voi memorizzavateyou were memorizing
loro memorizzavanothey were memorizing

Past Historic / Passato remoto
This is a literary tense, i.e. a tense used in writing, in everyday speech the Passato Prossimo is used to refer to past actions.
io memorizzaiI memorized
tu memorizzastiyou memorized
lui memorizzòhe memorized
lei memorizzòshe memorized
noi memorizzammowe memorized
voi memorizzasteyou memorized
loro memorizzaronothey memorized

Past / Passato prossimo
io ho memorizzatoI memorized
tu hai memorizzatoyou memorized
lui ha memorizzatohe memorized
lei ha memorizzatoshe memorized
noi abbiamo memorizzatowe memorized
voi avete memorizzatoyou memorized
loro hanno memorizzatothey memorized

Pluperfect / Trapassato prossimo
io avevo memorizzatoI had memorized
tu avevi memorizzatoyou had memorized
lui aveva memorizzatohe had memorized
lei aveva memorizzatoshe had memorized
noi avevamo memorizzatowe had memorized
voi avevate memorizzatoyou had memorized
loro avevano memorizzatothey had memorized

Future Indicative
io memorizzeròI will memorize
tu memorizzeraiyou will memorize
lui memorizzeràhe will memorize
lei memorizzeràshe will memorize
noi memorizzeremowe will memorize
voi memorizzereteyou will memorize
loro memorizzerannothey will memorize

Future Perfect / Futuro anteriore
The Italian Future Perfect or Futuro anteriore is made with the future tense of avere for transitive verbs or essere for reflexive and intransitive verbs and the past participle of the verb. The past participle agrees with the subject for verbs that take essere, or with the direct object for verbs that take avere.
io avrò memorizzatoI will have memorized
tu avrai memorizzatoyou will have memorized
lui avrà memorizzatohe will have memorized
lei avrà memorizzatoshe will have memorized
noi avremo memorizzatowe will have memorized
voi avrete memorizzatoyou will have memorized
loro avranno memorizzatothey will have memorized

io memorizzereiI would memorize
tu memorizzerestiyou would memorize
lui memorizzerebbehe would memorize
lei memorizzerebbeshe would memorize
noi memorizzeremmowe would memorize
voi memorizzeresteyou would memorize
loro memorizzerebberothey would memorize

Conditional Perfect / Condizionale Passato
The Italian Conditional Perfect or Condizionale Passato is made with the conditional tense of avere for transitive verbs or essere for reflexive and intransitive verbs and the past participle of the verb. The past participle agrees with the subject for verbs that take essere, or with the direct object for verbs that take avere.
io avrei memorizzatoI would have memorized
tu avresti memorizzatoyou would have memorized
lui avrebbe memorizzatohe would have memorized
lei avrebbe memorizzatoshe would have memorized
noi avremmo memorizzatowe would have memorized
voi avreste memorizzatoyou would have memorized
loro avrebbero memorizzatothey would have memorized

Present Subjunctive
(... che) io memorizzi(... that) I memorize
(... che) tu memorizzi(... that) you memorize
(... che) lui memorizzi(... that) he memorizes
(... che) lei memorizzi(... that) she memorizes
(... che) noi memorizziamo(... that) we memorize
(... che) voi memorizziate(... that) you memorize
(... che) loro memorizzino(... that) they memorize

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... che) je memorizzassi(... that) I was memorizing
(... che) tu memorizzassi(... that) you were memorizing
(... che) il memorizzasse(... that) he was memorizing
(... che) elle memorizzasse(... that) she was memorizing
(... che) nous memorizzassimo(... that) we were memorizing
(... che) vous memorizzaste(... that) you were memorizing
(... che) ils memorizzassero(... that) they were memorizing
(... che) elles memorizzassero(... that) they were memorizing

memorizza Memorize
memorizziamoLet's memorize
memorizzate Memorize

Present Participle
memorizzante memorizing

Past Participle
memorizzato memorized

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