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Conjugation of the Italian verb diventare

A list of the common conjugations for the Italian verb diventare, along with their English translations.

diventareto become

Present Indicative
io diventoI become
tu diventiyou become
lui diventahe becomes
lei diventashe becomes
noi diventiamowe become
voi diventateyou become
loro diventanothey become

Present Continuous / Presente Progressivo
Note for the Present Continuous Italian uses the present tense of the verb stare and the gerund of the verb.
io sto diventandoI am becoming
tu stai diventandoyou are becoming
lui sta diventandohe is becoming
lei sta diventandoshe is becoming
noi stiamo diventandowe are becoming
voi state diventandoyou are becoming
loro stanno diventandothey are becoming

Imperfect Indicative
io diventavoI was becoming
tu diventaviyou were becoming
lui diventavahe was becoming
lei diventavashe was becoming
noi diventavamowe were becoming
voi diventavateyou were becoming
loro diventavanothey were becoming

Past Historic / Passato remoto
This is a literary tense, i.e. a tense used in writing, in everyday speech the Passato Prossimo is used to refer to past actions.
io diventaiI became
tu diventastiyou became
lui diventòhe became
lei diventòshe became
noi diventammowe became
voi diventasteyou became
loro diventaronothey became

Past / Passato prossimo
io sono diventatoI became
tu sei diventatoyou became
lui è diventatohe became
lei è diventatashe became
loro sono diventatethey became

Future Indicative
io diventeròI will become
tu diventeraiyou will become
lui diventeràhe will become
lei diventeràshe will become
noi diventeremowe will become
voi diventereteyou will become
loro diventerannothey will become

io diventereiI would become
tu diventerestiyou would become
lui diventerebbehe would become
lei diventerebbeshe would become
noi diventeremmowe would become
voi diventeresteyou would become
loro diventerebberothey would become

Present Subjunctive
(... che) io diventi(... that) I become
(... che) tu diventi(... that) you become
(... che) lui diventi(... that) he becomes
(... che) lei diventi(... that) she becomes
(... che) noi diventiamo(... that) we become
(... che) voi diventiate(... that) you become
(... che) loro diventino(... that) they become

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... che) je diventassi(... that) I was becoming
(... che) tu diventassi(... that) you were becoming
(... che) il diventasse(... that) he was becoming
(... che) elle diventasse(... that) she was becoming
(... che) nous diventassimo(... that) we were becoming
(... che) vous diventaste(... that) you were becoming
(... che) ils diventassero(... that) they were becoming
(... che) elles diventassero(... that) they were becoming

diventa Become
diventiamoLet's become
diventate Become

Present Participle
diventante becoming

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