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Conjugation of the Italian verb dare

A list of the common conjugations for the Italian verb dare, along with their English translations.

dareto give

Present Indicative
io doI give
tu daiyou give
lui dàhe gives
lei dàshe gives
noi diamowe give
voi dateyou give
loro dannothey give

Present Continuous / Presente Progressivo
Note for the Present Continuous Italian uses the present tense of the verb stare and the gerund of the verb.
io sto dandoI am giving
tu stai dandoyou are giving
lui sta dandohe is giving
lei sta dandoshe is giving
noi stiamo dandowe are giving
voi state dandoyou are giving
loro stanno dandothey are giving

Imperfect Indicative
io davoI was giving
tu daviyou were giving
lui davahe was giving
lei davashe was giving
noi davamowe were giving
voi davateyou were giving
loro davanothey were giving

Past Historic / Passato remoto
This is a literary tense, i.e. a tense used in writing, in everyday speech the Passato Prossimo is used to refer to past actions.
io dettiI gave
tu destiyou gave
lui diedehe gave
lei diedeshe gave
noi demmowe gave
voi desteyou gave
loro detterothey gave

Past / Passato prossimo
io ho datoI gave
tu hai datoyou gave
lui ha datohe gave
lei ha datoshe gave
noi abbiamo datowe gave
voi avete datoyou gave
loro hanno datothey gave

Pluperfect / Trapassato prossimo
io avevo datoI had given
tu avevi datoyou had given
lui aveva datohe had given
lei aveva datoshe had given
noi avevamo datowe had given
voi avevate datoyou had given
loro avevano datothey had given

Future Indicative
io daròI will give
tu daraiyou will give
lui daràhe will give
lei daràshe will give
noi daremowe will give
voi dareteyou will give
loro darannothey will give

Future Perfect / Futuro anteriore
The Italian Future Perfect or Futuro anteriore is made with the future tense of avere for transitive verbs or essere for reflexive and intransitive verbs and the past participle of the verb. The past participle agrees with the subject for verbs that take essere, or with the direct object for verbs that take avere.
io avrò datoI will have given
tu avrai datoyou will have given
lui avrà datohe will have given
lei avrà datoshe will have given
noi avremo datowe will have given
voi avrete datoyou will have given
loro avranno datothey will have given

io dareiI would give
tu darestiyou would give
lui darebbehe would give
lei darebbeshe would give
noi daremmowe would give
voi daresteyou would give
loro darebberothey would give

Present Subjunctive
(... che) io dia(... that) I give
(... che) tu dia(... that) you give
(... che) lui dia(... that) he gives
(... che) lei dia(... that) she gives
(... che) noi diamo(... that) we give
(... che) voi diate(... that) you give
(... che) loro diano(... that) they give

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... che) je dessi(... that) I was giving
(... che) tu dessi(... that) you were giving
(... che) il desse(... that) he was giving
(... che) elle desse(... that) she was giving
(... che) nous dessimo(... that) we were giving
(... che) vous deste(... that) you were giving
(... che) ils dessero(... that) they were giving
(... che) elles dessero(... that) they were giving

da' Give
diamoLet's give
date Give

Present Participle
dante giving

Past Participle
dato given

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