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Translations for woman and their definitions

     1. n. woman
     2. n. (with a possessive suffix added to the nő- stem, informal) female partner or lover, mistress, girlfriend
     3. v. to grow (to become larger, increase in magnitude; to develop, mature)
     4. v. to increase (of a quantity, etc.: to become larger or greater)

     1. n. a married or divorced woman or a widow
           (cot, ember, q1=archaic in this sense, but traditionally used in coordination with asszony, férfi)
     2. n. (often, colloquial, with definite article) woman, wife
     3. n. (formal) lady, mistress (woman of authority)
           a ház asszonya - the lady of the house
     4. n. (on its own, with a first-person possessive suffix) madam, ma’am (term of address, see asszonyom)
           (cot, hölgy, úr, kisasszony, fiatalember)

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