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The Hungarian word for river is


Translations for river and their definitions

     1. Participle. participle of folyik, , pres
           Az itt folyó kutatáshoz szükség van önre. - You are necessary for the research going on here.
     2. adj. flowing, running
     3. adj. leaky
     4. adj. (formal) current (chiefly with , év, and their derivations havi, évi)
     5. n. river
           (cot, ér, id1=streamlet, csermely, patak, folyam)

     1. n. big river
           (cot, ér, id1=streamlet, csermely, patak, folyó)

     1. n. canal
     2. n. (television) channel
     3. n. (typography) river (undesirable visual effect caused by coinciding word spaces in consecutive rows of a text)

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