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Translations for one and their definitions

     1. adj. individual, single
           Az egyes kérdéseket külön kell megvizsgálni. - The individual questions have to be examined one by one.
     2. adj. number one
           Találkozunk az egyes kapunál! - See you at gate number one!
     3. adj. (linguistics) singular (referring to only one thing or person)
           egyes szám első személy - first-person singular
     4. adj. (with plural nouns only) certain, some
           Egyes lakásokban még nincs villany. - There is no electricity yet in certain flats.
     5. n. one (digit or figure)
     6. n.          (transportation) the one, the number one (a given bus, tram etc. line)
     7. n.          (automotive) first (first gear)
     8. n.          (education) (grade) F (the lowest, i.e. failing grade in a class or course)
     9. n.          (mathematics) unit (the place value, as opposed to tens or hundreds)
     10. n.          (sport) singles
     11. n. (plural only) some people
           Egyesek szerint jó író volt. - Some people think he was a good writer.

     1. num. one
     2. art. a, an (indefinite article)
           (cot, a, az, q2=“the”, definite article)
           egy csepp a tengerben - a drop in the ocean
     3. adj. same (identical)
     4. adv. (folksy, before numerals) some, or so, roughly, around, approximately

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