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Translations for head and their definitions

     1. n. head (part of the body)
           (cot, törzs, végtag)
     2. n. head, mind, brain, intellect
           Elvesztette a fejét. — He/she has lost his/her head.
     3. n. head (principal operative part of a machine or tool)
     4. n. heads, obverse (side of a coin that bears the picture of the head of state)
           Ha fej, én nyerek. — Heads, I win.
     5. n. (formal) head (leader, chief)
           az állam feje — head of state
     6. n. head, capitulum (clump of seeds, leaves or flowers)
           a saláta feje — the head of the lettuce
     7. n. (rare) foliage, crown (top of a tree)
     8. v. to milk

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