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     1. v. to look someone straight in the eye/face, to face someone
     2. v. to face something (to be located across each other)
           A házak szembenéznek egymással. - The houses are facing each other.
     3. v. to face, to face up to (followed by -val) (to confront a condition or situation, typically one that is unpleasant or uncomfortable)
           Szembe kell néznünk azzal a ténnyel, hogy nem leszünk fiatalabbak. - We must face up to the fact that we're not getting any younger.

     1. n. (anatomy) face
     2. n. (anatomy) cheek
     3. n. (figuratively) sight, view, aspect, appearance
     4. n. (slang) chap, guy, dude, bloke, fellow

     1. n. (obsolete) manner, way, methodR:TotfalusiNagyEty 2001, képes
           Angyal képében jelent meg. - He appeared in the shape of an angel.
     2. n. (obsolete) similarity, likeness, lookalike
     3. n. (obsolete) symbol, representative
     4. n. picture, image
     5. n. photo
     6. n. painting
           (cot, szobor, q=sculpture; formerly also included in its broader sense)
     7. n. (informal) face
           Miért vágsz ilyen bánatos képet? - Why do you make such a long face?
     8. n. (informal, figurative) cheek, gall, nerve, audacity, temerity, effrontery

     1. n. sheet (thin, flat piece of any solid material)
     2. n. sheet (piece of paper, usually rectangular, that has been prepared for writing, printing or other uses)
     3. n. (proscribed, archaic) page (one side of a written or printed paper sheet)
     4. n. newspaper, magazine, periodical (publication issued regularly)
     5. n. greeting card, postcard (decorated card made of thick paper that is sent or given to someone)
     6. n. playing card (one piece out of a pack of cards used to play games)
     7. n. (computing, nocat=y) page (one of many documents opened in a tabbed interface)
     8. n. (geometry) face (any of the flat bounding surfaces of a polyhedron)
     9. n. (in the possessive) top (the flat, horizontal surface of a table or desk)
     10. n. (in the possessive) flat (flat side of something, as opposed to the edge)

     1. n. (of animals) face, mouth, muzzle, snout (the protruding part of an animal's head which includes the nose, mouth and jaws)
     2. n. (of people, derogatory) face, mouth, gob, trap
     3. n. (derogatory, figurative) cheek, gall, nerve, audacity, temerity, effrontery
     4. n. (informal, often used with vág) grimace, facial expression
     5. n. (colloquial) guy, fellow, bloke, dude, chap

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