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The German word for to hold is

to hold

German Definition

     [1] halten
     [2] enthalten, aufweisen
     [3] Sitzung: abhalten
     [4] ein Amt: bekleiden
     [5] einbehalten
     [6] bereithalten
          [1] Hold the ball!
            Halt den Ball!
     [1] Griff
     [2] Halt
     [1] Laderaum
          [1] The cargo was stored in the hold.
            Die Fracht wurde in den Laderaum gebracht.

Translations for hold and their definitions

     v. to hold
     v. to stop; to halt; to hold back
          Haltet den Dieb! - Stop the thief!
     v. to support; to hold up
     v. to keep; to maintain; to hold
          Der Wein hält mich jung. - Wine keeps me young.
     v. (transitive, of animals) to keep
     v. (intransitive) to hold; to keep; to stay
     v. (intransitive) to stop
          Der Zug hält nicht in Würzburg. - The train doesn’t stop in Würzburg.
     v. (transitive, with preposition für) to consider, to regard
     v. (reflexive, with preposition: an) to adhere (to)
     v. (with preposition: von) expresses a positive or negative opinion depending on quantity
          Ich halte viel von Dieter. - I like Dieter a lot.
          Ich halte wenig von Tomaten. - I do not like tomatoes very much.

     v. to hold; to adhere
     v. to retain
     v. to record; to capture
     v. to detain

     v. To bear, deliver (a child); to gestate
     v. To deal with
     v. To strike out (draw a line through)

     v. to stop, prevent (someone (from) doing something)
     v. to hold (a service, ceremony etc.)
     v. (transitive, nautical) to change the direction from




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