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     1. pron. we
nehmen wir an
wir spielen ...
     1. n. dative plural of Betrug
     2. v. to cheat; to swindle
           Meine Frau betrügt mich aus verschiedenen Gründen...
             My wife cheated on me due to different reasons...
     3. v. (transitive, legal) to defraud
     4. v. (transitive, marriage) to deceive
          1. v. (intransitive) to amount to, to be
          2. v. (reflexive) to behave
     1. art. the; accusative masculine singular of der
     2. art. the; dative plural for all genders of der
     3. pron. that; whom; accusative singular of der
bei den Schultern
machten ihm den Hof
     1. n. inflected form of Alter
     2. n. inflected form of Alte
     3. adj. inflected form of alt
          1. adj. old
                Wie alt bist du? - How old are you?
     1. n. genitive singular of Herr
ich folgte dem würdigen Herrn ins Eßzimmer
          1. n-m. Mr., mister, sir
          2. n-m. gentleman
                Meine Damen und Herren = Ladies and gentlemen
          3. n-m. master, lord, generally denotes that somebody has control over something, either in a generic or in a regal sense
          4. n-m. Lord, God
                Das Haus des Herrn = The House of God
          5. n-m. Used as a title of respect that is not translated into English or replaced with Sir:
     1. prep. (with accusative) about, used with es geht
           Es geht um den Kuchen. - It's about the pie.
     2. prep. (with accusative) around
           Um die Ecke - around the corner
     3. prep. (with accusative) At when relating to time (because the hands of a clock go around, the clock)
           Um acht Uhr reisen wir ab - At eight o’clock we depart
     4. conj. in order to, so as to
           Wir sind gekommen, um zu helfen. - We have come (in order) to help.
     5. adj. (predicative, not attributive) up, in the sense of finished
           Werden dich in kurzem binden/ Erdgeist, deine Zeit ist um (Friedrich von Hardenberg, Novalis)
             We will shortly bind you/ Erdgeist, your time is up
     6. adv. around, about
     7. adv. turned over, changed, from one state to another
ich wandte mich um
nur um ihn zu streicheln
     1. art. The; declined form of der
           die Frau — “the woman”
           die Männer — “the men”
     2. pron. (in a subordinate clause as a relative pronoun) That; which; who; whom; whose.
           Ich kenne eine Frau, die das kann. — “I know a woman who can do that.”
     3. pron. (as a demonstrative pronoun) This one; that one; these ones; those ones; she; her; it; they; them
           die da — “that one (or she or they) there”
die dritte aber
und die einen tanzten
          1. art. the; definite article for several declensions:
          2. art.    Nominative singular masculine
          3. art.    Genitive singular feminine
          4. art.    Dative singular feminine
          5. art.    Genitive plural for all genders.
          6. pron. who; that; which
                Ich kenne einen Mann, der das kann. - I know a man who can do that.
          7. pron. (attributive, stressed) that
                Der Mann war es! - It was that man!
          8. pron. (indicative) him, he
                Der hat es getan! - It was him who did it!
          9. pron. (differential) the one, him
                Der mit dem Mantel - The one with the coat
     1. n-f. authenticity
     1. det. genitive feminine singular of sein
     2. det. genitive plural of sein
     3. det. dative feminine singular of sein
der in seiner Hütte zu Füßen
in seiner militärischen Haltung davon
     1. n. plural of Erfahrung
          1. n-f. experience
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