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Google Translation:
Sie dringen mir in Mark und Bein

     1. pron. she
     2. pron. it (when the object/article/thing/animal etc., referred to, is feminine (die))
     3. pron. they; them
fragte er sie
lassen sie ihn!
     1. v. (intransitive, auxiliary: “haben”) to insist; to press
           auf etwas dringen — “to press for something” or “to insist on something”
     2. v. (intransitive, auxiliary: “sein”) to ooze; to seep
           in etwas dringen — “to seep into something”
     3. v. (intransitive, auxiliary: “sein”) to force one’s way
           durch etwas dringen — “to penetrate something” (literally, “to force one’s way into something”)
     1. pron. (personal) dative of ich: me, to me:
           Er gab es mir. - He gave it to me.
     2. pron. (regional, dialectal or colloquial) alternative form of wir we
sagte ich mir
sie gefiel mir sehr
     1. prep. (in + dative) in; within; at; contained by
           Es ist im Haus. - It is in the house.
     2. prep. (in + dative) pertaining to
     3. prep. (in + accusative) into
           Er geht ins Haus. - He goes into the house.
     4. adj. in, popular
in einem Jahre nun
lassen sie ihn in Ruhe!
     1. n-f. (numismatics) mark
     2. n-f. A usually fortified area along the border; marches.
     3. n-n. marrow
     4. n-n. pith
     1. conj. (co-ordinating) and
           Kaffee und Kuchen - coffee and cake
           Ich kam, sah und siegte. - I came, saw, and conquered.
     2. interj. so?, now?
           Und? Wie ist es gelaufen? - So? How did it go?
und vielleicht auch
und dann erst der Herr
     1. n-n. leg of a person, animal, or object; generally including the feet, but sometimes, in a more specific sense, excluding them
     2. n-n. (archaic) bone
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