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     1. pron. I
ich merkte
sagte ich mir
     1. n-f. belongings, possession
     2. v. first-person singular present of haben
     3. v. first-person singular subjunctive I of haben
     4. v. third-person singular subjunctive I of haben
     5. v. imperative singular of haben
          1. v. to have; to possess, to own
          2. v. to have; to hold, to contain
          3. v. (auxiliary, with a past participle) to have forms the perfect and past perfect tense
          4. v. (reflexive, colloquial) to make a fuss
          5. v. (colloquial, with es) and m to be occupied with, to like
                Ich hab's nich so mit Hunden. - I'm not a great fan of dogs. (lit.: 'I don't have it that much with dogs.')
     1. adv. first
     2. adv. only (with time)
           Sie ist erst 28 Jahre alt. - She is only 28 years old.
     3. adv. not until, not for (with reference to the passage of time)
           Ich fliege erst nächstes Jahr in Urlaub. - I'm not going on vacation until next year.
           Mein Bruder kommt erst in drei Wochen an. - My brother's not arriving for three weeks.
und dann erst der Herr
mit dem er erst soeben bekannt geworden war
     1. n-f. yesterday (the recent past)
     2. adv. yesterday
     1. num. inflected form of ein
     2. art. inflected form of ein (a, an)
     3. pron. masculine accusative of einer (one)
einen Blick hinein
und die einen tanzten
     1. adj. inflected form of kostbar
          1. adj. precious
     1. n-m. stallion
     1. v. past participle of kaufen
          1. v. to buy
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