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Hieb, Schlag, Streich,

     1. v. first-person singular past tense of hauen
     2. v. third-person singular past tense of hauen
          1. v. (literary) to thrust, slash (with a weapon)
                Er hieb nach meinem Helm. — “He thrust for my helmet.”
          2. v. to cut, hew
                Der Einbrecher haut ein Loch in die Wand. — “The burglar cuts a hole in the wall.”
          3. v. (colloquial) to hit, beat, bang, whack
                Meine Mutter hat ihn gehauen. — “My mother hit him.”
                Sie haute die Nägel in die Wand. — “She banged the nails into the wall”
          4. v. (reflexive, colloquial) to fling oneself
                Ich werde mich in die Falle hauen. — “I'm going to hit the sack”
          5. v. (regional) to chop, chop down
     1. n-m. (def, blow, hit)
           ein herber Schlag - an enormous blow
     2. n-m. (music) beat (pulse on the beat level)
           Im Viervierteltakt gibt es vier Schläge pro Takt; jeder Schlag entspricht einer Viertelnote. - In four-four time there are four beats per bar; each beat corresponds to a quarter note.
     1. n-m. practical joke, prank
     2. n-m. stroke (act of striking with a cutting weapon)
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