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     1. adj. finite, limited
     2. adv. eventually, at last, finally, endly
endlich beruhigte sich der Wachtmeister
     1. prep. (with dative) on, upon
           Das Buch liegt auf dem Tisch.
             The book is lying on the table.
     2. prep. (with accusative) on, onto
           Leg das Buch auf den Tisch!
             Put the book on the table!
     3. prep. (colloquial, otherwise archaic, regional, northern and western Germany) on (a day; usually of the week)
           Du kannst doch auf (’n) Sonntag nich’ den Rasen mähen!
             You can’t mow the lawn on a Sunday!
     4. adv. (somewhat, informal) open
           Die Tür ist auf.
             The door is open.
     5. adv. (colloquial) finished; gone (food)
           Hast du deine Suppe auf?
             Have you finished your soup?
           Die Milch is’ auf.
             The milk is gone. (= All the milk has been consumed.)
     6. interj. carry on
     7. interj. have a go
auf alles gefaßt
schrie erschrocken auf
     1. det. inflected form of dein
hast du deine große weiße Katze noch
ja, und nun sollst du denselben weg gehen wie deine Wölfe!
          1. pron. genitive singular of du
          2. det. thy, your (esp. to friends, relatives, children, etc.).
     1. n-f. daughter
     1. v. (transitive, to perform or cause the marriage of a couple) to marry
     2. v. (reflexive) to marry, to get married
     1. prep. to, towards
           zum Bahnhof - to the train station.
     2. prep. along with; with
           Wasser zum Essen trinken - to drink water with one's meal
     3. prep. at, by, on
           zu Hause - at home.
     4. prep. with respect to
           zu Punkt 1 bemerke ich - with respect to item 1 let me remark.
     5. part. for; in order to; Used with infinitive of verbs.
           etwas zu essen - something to eat.
     6. adv. to, towards
     7. adv. closed, shut
           Das Geschäft war zu. - The shop was closed.
     8. adv. too; excessively
           zu schnell - too fast.
     9. adv. (informal, slang) hammered; very drunk
sagte er zu ihm
zu deinen Freunden!
     1. n. plural of Wolle
     2. adj. woolen, woollen
     3. v. (transitive or intransitive, past participle: “gewollt”) To want; to wish; to desire; to demand.
     4. v. (auxiliary, past participle: “wollen”) To want (to do something).
           Ich will gehen. — “I want to go.”
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