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Fahren Sie auch Motorrad, verehrtes Fräulein?

     1. v. (intransitive, of a person) to go (by vehicle); to sail; to travel
           Wir fahren diesen Sommer nach Holland.
             “We’re going to Holland this summer.” Implying a trip by car, bike, train, or ship.
     2. v. (intransitive, of a person) to leave (by vehicle)
           Wir fahren jetzt. — “We’re leaving now.”
     3. v. (intransitive, of a vehicle) to go; to run; to drive; to sail
           Autos können schneller fahren als Fahrräder.
             “Cars can go faster than bikes.”
     4. v. (intransitive, of a vehicle) to leave; to depart
           Beeil dich! Der Zug fährt jetzt gleich.
             “Hurry up! The train is departing in a moment.”
     5. v. (transitive or intransitive) to drive; to ride; to sail (a vehicle)
           Sie fährt einen roten Wagen. — “She drives a red car.”
           Er fährt wie ein Bekloppter. — “He drives like a maniac.”
     6. v. to take (someone somewhere by vehicle); to drive; to transport
           Ich fahre dich zum Bahnhof. — “I’ll take you to the train station.”
     1. pron. you (polite; singular and plural)
           Was möchten Sie, Frau Wagner? - What would you like to have, Mrs. Wagner?
     1. adv. also, too
     2. adv. even (in the sense of including the extreme case of; cf. Early Modern English cognate eke)
           auch wenn — even if
     3. adv. really
und vielleicht auch
und wenn es auch eine gäbe
     1. n-n. motorcycle
     1. n-n. (diminutive of Frau) (but not freely applicable)
     2. n-n. (dated, address for an unmarried woman) miss
           Guten Morgen, Fräulein Schmitz!
             Good morning, Miss Schmitz!
     3. n-n. miss, young woman (especially a shop assistant)
           Würden Sie mir kurz helfen, junges Fräulein!
             Would you help me please, miss!
     4. n-n. young lady, missy (said jokingly or rebukingly to a little girl)
           So, jetzt reicht's aber, Fräulein!
             All right, that's enough, young lady!
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