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Ein Glas, ja, aber sieben Liter ist zu viel

     1. num. one
           Ich hatte nur ein Bier bestellt.
             I had ordered just one beer.
     2. art. a, an
           ein Mann - a man
           eine Frau - a woman
           ein Kind - a child
so ein Glück!
doch als ein Mann
     1. n-n. (material) glass
     2. n-n. (container) glass
     3. n-n. (container) jar (made of glass)
     4. n-n. (amount of liquid) glass
     5. n-n. (nautical) time stamp for half an hour
     1. n. a yes
     2. adv. yes
           Willst du das? Ja. — “Do you want that? Yes.”
           Aber ja! — “Yes, of course!”
     3. adv. (intensifier) obviously; certainly; of course; really; just; as you know; as is generally known (indicates and emphasises that one is expressing a known fact)
           Es kann ja nicht immer so bleiben. — “It obviously cannot always remain so.”
           Der Peter war ja gestern krank. – “Peter was sick yesterday, as you know.”
     4. interj. yes
     1. n. an objection
     2. adv. again (mostly used in abermals, yet another time)
     3. conj. but, however, though
     1. n. seven
     2. n-n. (gerund of sieben); the act of sifting
     3. n. dative plural of Sieb
     4. v. to sift; to sieve
     1. n-m. liter / litre
     1. v. third-person singular present of sein
wer ist das
wer ist denn das
     1. prep. to, towards
           zum Bahnhof - to the train station.
     2. prep. along with; with
           Wasser zum Essen trinken - to drink water with one's meal
     3. prep. at, by, on
           zu Hause - at home.
     4. prep. with respect to
           zu Punkt 1 bemerke ich - with respect to item 1 let me remark.
     5. part. for; in order to; Used with infinitive of verbs.
           etwas zu essen - something to eat.
     6. adv. to, towards
     7. adv. closed, shut
           Das Geschäft war zu. - The shop was closed.
     8. adv. too; excessively
           zu schnell - too fast.
     9. adv. (informal, slang) hammered; very drunk
bösen Blick zu
zu deinen Freunden!
     1. pron. much, a lot
           Es ist viel passiert. - Much has happened.
     2. adj. much, many
           Er hat viel Geld verloren. - He lost a lot of money.
     3. adv. much, a lot
           Wir haben viel gelacht. - We laughed a lot.
die noch viel größer und besser sind als sie selbst
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