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Danach gab sie ihrem Hengst die Sporen und ritt davon

     1. adv. after it, after that, thereafter
     1. v. first-person singular past tense of geben
     2. v. third-person singular past tense of geben
da gab ihm per den Rat
und gab ihm seine Zeitung
     1. pron. you (polite; singular and plural)
           Was möchten Sie, Frau Wagner? - What would you like to have, Mrs. Wagner?
     2. pron. she
     3. pron. it (when the object/article/thing/animal etc., referred to, is feminine (die))
     4. pron. they; them
     1. pron. inflected form of Ihr
     2. pron. inflected form of ihr
     1. n-m. stallion
     1. art. The; declined form of der
           die Frau — “the woman”
           die Männer — “the men”
     2. pron. (in a subordinate clause as a relative pronoun) That; which; who; whom; whose.
           Ich kenne eine Frau, die das kann. — “I know a woman who can do that.”
     3. pron. (as a demonstrative pronoun) This one; that one; these ones; those ones; she; her; it; they; them
           die da — “that one (or she or they) there”
die Talente
die dritte aber
     1. n. plural of Spore spores.
     2. n. plural of Sporn spurs.
     1. conj. (co-ordinating) and
           Kaffee und Kuchen - coffee and cake
           Ich kam, sah und siegte. - I came, saw, and conquered.
     2. interj. so?, now?
           Und? Wie ist es gelaufen? - So? How did it go?
und sehr geputzt
und dann erst der Herr
     1. n-m. ride
     2. v. first-person singular past tense of reiten
     3. v. third-person singular past tense of reiten
     1. adv. from it, from that, therefrom, off it, off that
im Publikum sprach man davon
in seiner militärischen Haltung davon
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