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     1. num. two
der Briefträger stieg die zwei Stufen hinauf
     1. n. accusative singular form of Mensch
     2. n. dative singular form of Mensch
     3. n. genitive singular form of Mensch
     4. n. plural of Mensch
          1. n-m. human, human being, person
          2. n-m. (interjection) man
     1. v. to trust
     2. v. to marry
     3. v. (reflexive) to dare
     1. n-n. (sports) an out; the end of play for an individual or a team
     2. n-n. (sports) the out of bounds area
     3. n-n. end
     4. adv. out
     5. adv. (with “sein”) over; finished; ceased; up
           Das Spiel ist aus! - The game is up!
     6. adv. (of a device) off
     7. prep. from; out of; off of
     8. prep. of; made of; out of
     9. prep. for; because of; due to; out of
           Etwas aus Freundschaft tun. - To do something out of friendship.
     1. pron. (personal) dative of Sie; you, to you (indirect object; addressing politely or formally one person).
     2. pron. (personal) dative of sie; them, to them (indirect object).
machte Ihnen den Hof
ich schwöre Ihnen, ich hab's gehört!
     1. num. one
           Ich hatte nur ein Bier bestellt.
             I had ordered just one beer.
     2. art. a, an
           ein Mann - a man
           eine Frau - a woman
           ein Kind - a child
so ein Glück!
doch als ein Mann
     1. n-n. married couple
     1. v. to make; to produce; to create an object, arrangement, situation etc.
           Ich hab dir einen Kuchen gemacht! - I have made you a pie!
           Du hast einen Fehler gemacht. - You made a mistake.
     2. v. to take (a photo)
     3. v. to prepare (e.g. food, drinks)
           Machst du heute das Essen? - Will you prepare dinner today?
           sich eine Pizza machen - to heat up or make a pizza for oneself
     4. v. (transitive, informal) to do (to perform an action)
           Mach es! - Do it!
           Das hat er ganz allein gemacht! - He has done that all by himself!
     5. v. (transitive, colloquial) to matter (only impersonally)
           Das macht nichts! - That doesn't matter!
     6. v. (transitive, informal, colloquial) to come to; to total; to cost (prices)
           Wie viel macht das? - How much does that come to?
     7. v. (transitive, informal, colloquial) to earn; to receive or create profit
           Der Herr Müller ist echt reich; der macht mehr als 5000 im Monat. - Mr Müller is quite rich; he makes more than 5000 bucks per month.
was machen sie hier, liebes Kind
damit sie es sich in der Hütte bequem machen könnten
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