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von Tieren: panisch fliehen

     1. prep. from
           Ich fahre von Köln nach Hamburg. - I'm travelling from Cologne to Hamburg.
           Ich hab’s von meiner Schwester gehört. - I heard it from my sister.
     2. prep. of, belonging to (often replacing genitive; see usage note below)
           das Auto von meinem Vater - my father’s car / the car of my father
     3. prep. by (with passive voice)
           Das Hotel wird von der Firma bezahlt. - The hotel is paid for by the company.
     4. prep. about, of (a topic)
           Er hat von seiner Jugend erzählt. - He told about his youth.
     5. prep. on, with (a resource)
           Von welchem Geld soll ich als Arbeitsloser in Urlaub fahren? - Being unemployed, on what money should I go on holidays?
           Man kann nicht nur von Luft und Liebe leben. - You can’t live on air and love alone. q
ihm von weitem
geh weg! geh weg von hier!
     1. n. dative plural form of Tier
          1. n-n. animal
          2. n-n. (hunting jargon) hind (female red deer)
          3. n-n. (informal, slang) someone who has animalistic features (of strength, appearance etc.)
                Dieser Junge ist so stark wie ein wildes Tier! - This boy is as strong as a wild animal!
     1. adj. panic-inducing or panic-induced
           panische Angst
     2. adj. in a panicked way
           panisch reagieren
     1. v. (intransitive, auxiliary: “sein”) to flee; to escape
     2. v. (intransitive, auxiliary: “sein”) to diverge
           Die Linien fliehen. — “The lines diverge.”
     3. v. (transitive, auxiliary: “haben”) to flee from (someone); to avoid
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