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     1. pron. Dative form of jemand.
     1. adj. inflected form of falsch
          1. adj. false, unfactual, untrue
                eine falsche Beschuldigung — “a false accusation”
          2. adj. wrong (incorrect)
                eine falsche Antwort — “a wrong answer”
          3. adj. wrong (disadvantageous)
                eine falsche Entscheidung — “a wrong decision”
          4. adj. (chiefly predicative) wrong (immoral)
                Es ist falsch, sowas zu tun. — “It is wrong to do such a thing.”
          5. adj. fake, forged
                ein falscher Geldschein — “a counterfeit banknote”
                eine falsche Blondine — “a fake blonde”
          6. adj. untruthful, perfidious
                sein falsches Getue — “his perfidious ways”
     1. n. plural of Tatsache
          1. n-f. fact (a true observation)
     1. conj. (co-ordinating) and
           Kaffee und Kuchen - coffee and cake
           Ich kam, sah und siegte. - I came, saw, and conquered.
     2. interj. so?, now?
           Und? Wie ist es gelaufen? - So? How did it go?
und sagte ihm
und er trat ins Haus
     1. adv. out of it, out of that, of it
     2. adv. hence, from that
     1. adj. inflected form of persönlich
          1. adj. personal
          2. adv. personally, in person
     1. adj. inflected form of geschäftlich
     1. n. plural of Vorteil
          1. n-m. advantage, plus
          2. n-m. benefit, profit
          3. n-m. (tennis) advantage
     1. v. (transitive or intransitive, auxiliary: “haben”) to pull (e.g., a door handle); to drag
     2. v. (transitive, auxiliary: “haben”) to draw (e.g. a weapon); to extract; to puff
     3. v. (transitive, auxiliary: “haben”) to draw (a conclusion, lesson, etc.)
     4. v. (impersonal, intransitive) to be drafty
           Es zieht. — “It’s drafty.”
     5. v. (intransitive, auxiliary: “sein”) to move; to migrate
           Ich ziehe nach Hamburg, aber mein Bruder zieht in eine andere Stadt.
     6. v. (intransitive, auxiliary: “sein”) to roam; to head
     7. v. (reflexive, auxiliary: “haben”) to stretch; to warp
          1. v. (transitive, elevated, becoming dated) to accuse, to blame
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