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     1. adj. inflected form of abfällig
          1. adj. derogatory, disparaging
                eine abfällige Bemerkung - a snide remark
                Er machte ein paar abfällige und verächtliche Bemerkungen. - He made some derogatory and disparaging remarks.
          2. adv. disparagingly, pejoratively
                sich abfällig äußern über - to speak disparagingly of
                Er äußerte sich abfällig über seinen Lehrer. - He made some disparaging remarks about his teacher.
     1. n-f. criticism (negative judgement)
     2. n-f. criticism, review (general judgement)
     3. n-f. critique, review (review of a work of art)
     1. prep. (with a location in the dative case) on; upon; at; in; against
           Das Bild hängt an der Wand. - The picture hangs on the wall.
     2. prep. (with a time in the dative case) on; in
     3. prep. (with a dative case object) by; near; close to; next to
     4. prep. (with a dative case object) by means of; by
     5. prep. (with an accusative case object) on; onto
           Ich hänge das Bild an die Wand. - I hang the picture on the wall.
     6. prep. (with an accusative case object) at; against
           Schauen Sie an die Tafel. - Look at the blackboard.
     7. prep. (with an accusative case object) to; for
     8. adv. onward; on
           von heute an - from today on
nehmen wir an
man sah ihm an
     1. n. dative plural form of Gegenstand
          1. n-m. object, item, thing, article
     1. n. plural of Maßnahme
          1. n-f. measure (tactic or strategy)
     1. n. plural of Meinung
          1. n-f. opinion
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