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Google Translation:
Zeit im übertragenen Sinn

     1. n-f. time
     2. n-f. (grammar) tense
es ist höchste Zeit!
wenn er Zeit dazu hatte
     1. contraction. contraction of in dem ; in the
spät im Herbst
man stöhnte im Haus!
          1. prep. (in + dative) in; within; at; contained by
                Es ist im Haus. - It is in the house.
          2. prep. (in + dative) pertaining to
          3. prep. (in + accusative) into
                Er geht ins Haus. - He goes into the house.
          4. adj. in, popular
          1. art. the; dative singular masculine of der
          2. art. the; dative singular neuter of der
          3. pron. dative singular masculine of der
          4. pron. dative singular neuter of der
     1. adj. inflected form of übertragen
          1. adj. figurative
          2. v. to transfer, transmit
          3. v. to translate
          4. v. to broadcast, televise
          5. v. to hand over something to somebody, entrust somebody with something, confer a right on somebody
          6. v. (medicine) to have a post-term birth
          7. v. (reflexive) to be passed on to somebody (disease, illness)
          8. v. (reflexive, figuratively) to communicate itself to somebody (enthusiasm, nervousness, etc.)
     1. n-m. sense
     2. n-m. meaning, sense (the objects or concept that a word or phrase denotes, or that which a sentence says)
     3. n-m. point, idea, tenor
     4. n-m. mind, consciousness
     5. n-m. feeling
     6. n-m. (medicine) sense, sensus, aesthesia
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