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Google Translation:
The band plays classic hits

     1. n-n. tape, ribbon
     2. n-n. (anatomy) A ligament
     3. n-n. band or tie holding items together
     4. n-n. belt (conveyor belt, fan belt, etc.)
     5. n-n. band of the spectrum
     6. n-n. (figurative, pl. Bande) intimate bond to a person
     7. n-n. (figurative, pl. Bande) dependence, social bond
     8. n-n. (poetic, pl. Bande) shackle
     9. n-m. A volume of a multi-volume set of books
     10. n-f. A modern music band.
     11. v. Past tense of binden.
der nur einen Band Erzählungen bekam
          1. v. to tie up; to fasten; to bind together
                ein Buch binden — “to bind a book”
          2. v. to knot
          3. v. (intransitive) to congeal; to thicken; to set; to bond
          4. v. (reflexive) to become involved; to commit (oneself)
     1. n. plural of Hit
     2. n. (genitive of Hit)
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