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     1. n-m. (of a city) district
     1. art. the; definite article for several declensions:
     2. art.    Nominative singular masculine
     3. art.    Genitive singular feminine
     4. art.    Dative singular feminine
     5. art.    Genitive plural for all genders.
     6. pron. who; that; which
           Ich kenne einen Mann, der das kann. - I know a man who can do that.
     7. pron. (attributive, stressed) that
           Der Mann war es! - It was that man!
     8. pron. (indicative) him, he
           Der hat es getan! - It was him who did it!
     9. pron. (differential) the one, him
           Der mit dem Mantel - The one with the coat
der Hund
der ganz leer war
     1. n-f. city
     2. n-f. town
     3. n-f. (totum pro parte) the city centre
     1. n-n. lottery ticket
     2. n-n. lot, fate
     3. adj. alternative form of lose loose
     4. adv. (only used in combination with a verb)
     5. adv. off, rid of
           Ich bin meine Erk√§ltung los.
             I've got rid of my cold.
     6. adv. going on
           Hier ist einiges los.
             There's a lot going on here.
     7. interj. come on!, let's go!
           Los! An die Arbeit!
             Come on! Let's get to work!
     8. v. imperative singular of losen
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