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Google Translation:
Ich musste gestern eine höllisch schwere Klausur schreiben

     1. n-n. (psychology) ego, the Ich
     2. n-n. self, me, him, etc.
           das wahre Ich - the real me
     3. pron. I
     1. v. first-person singular past tense of müssen
     2. v. third-person singular past tense of müssen
     1. n-f. yesterday (the recent past)
     2. adv. yesterday
     1. num. inflected form of ein
     2. art. inflected form of ein (a, an)
     3. pron. feminine nominative of einer (one)
     4. pron. feminine accusative of einer (one)
rief die eine Stimme
und eine Stimme sagte
     1. adj. infernal, hellish
     2. adv. (colloquial) like hell, damn
     1. n-f. heaviness
     2. n-f. severity
     3. adj. inflected form of schwer
          1. adj. heavy, weighty
          2. adj. difficult, hard
          3. adj. serious
          4. adj. indigestible (food)
     1. n-f. enclosure (in a cloister)
     2. n-f. exam, test
     1. n-n. (gerund of schreiben)
     2. n-n. writing, letter
     3. v. (transitive, and, intransitive) to write; to write out
     4. v. to spell
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