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     1. n-m. sharpener (device for making things sharp)
     2. adj. comparative degree of spitz
     1. conj. (co-ordinating) and
           Kaffee und Kuchen - coffee and cake
           Ich kam, sah und siegte. - I came, saw, and conquered.
     2. interj. so?, now?
           Und? Wie ist es gelaufen? - So? How did it go?
und er trat ins Haus
war es kalt und groß
     1. n-n. eraser (something used to erase markings)
     2. n-n. rubber (something used to erase markings)
     1. n. plural of Liege
     2. v. (intransitive) to lie (to be in a horizontal position)
     3. v. (intransitive) to be, to lie somewhere (of flat objects; otherwise use stehen)
     4. v. (intransitive) to be located, to lie somewhere (of countries, towns, houses, etc.)
     5. v. (intransitive) to be, to stand (of indices, measurements)
     1. prep. (with dative) on, upon
           Das Buch liegt auf dem Tisch.
             The book is lying on the table.
     2. prep. (with accusative) on, onto
           Leg das Buch auf den Tisch!
             Put the book on the table!
     3. prep. (colloquial, otherwise archaic, regional, northern and western Germany) on (a day; usually of the week)
           Du kannst doch auf (’n) Sonntag nich’ den Rasen mähen!
             You can’t mow the lawn on a Sunday!
     4. adv. (somewhat, informal) open
           Die Tür ist auf.
             The door is open.
     5. adv. (colloquial) finished; gone (food)
           Hast du deine Suppe auf?
             Have you finished your soup?
           Die Milch is’ auf.
             The milk is gone. (= All the milk has been consumed.)
     6. interj. carry on
     7. interj. have a go
auf alles gefaßt
auf seine Gemahlin
     1. art. the; dative singular masculine of der
     2. art. the; dative singular neuter of der
     3. pron. dative singular masculine of der
     4. pron. dative singular neuter of der
so? mit dem da
klang es aus dem Berge
     1. n-m. floor
     2. n-m. flooring
     1. prep. near, near to, next to, beside
           Das Sofa gehört neben den Tisch. - The sofa belongs next to the table
           Das Sofa steht neben dem Tisch. - The sofa stays next to the table
da klang es von einem Berge dicht neben ihm
     1. pron. inflected form of Ihr
     2. pron. inflected form of ihr
          1. pron. you (plural, familiar)
          2. pron. dative of sie
                Hast du ihr das Buch gegeben? - Did you give her the book?
          3. det. her (possessive)
          4. det. its (when the owning object/article/thing/animal etc., referred to, is feminine)
          5. det. their
     1. n-m. stool
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