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Google Translation:
(intransitiv) Hilfsverb haben: wüten, toben

     1. adj. intransitive (of a verb, not taking a direct object)
     1. n. (grammar, broad sense) auxiliary verb, helping verb (including modal verb)
     2. n. (grammar, narrow sense) auxiliary verb, helping verb (excluding modal verb)
     1. n-n. a credit
     2. v. to have; to possess, to own
     3. v. to have; to hold, to contain
     4. v. (auxiliary, with a past participle) to have forms the perfect and past perfect tense
     5. v. (reflexive, colloquial) to make a fuss
     6. v. (colloquial, with es) and m to be occupied with, to like
           Ich hab's nich so mit Hunden. - I'm not a great fan of dogs. (lit.: 'I don't have it that much with dogs.')
     1. v. to rage
     1. v. to rage
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