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Wie kommt es, dass...?


Why is it that ...?” or, “How come ...?


     adv. how
     conj. like
     conj. as
     conj. (colloquial, nonstandard) than
     conj. (chiefly colloquial) when (referring to the past)
     v. third person singular of kommen
     v. second person plural of kommen
     v. imperative plural of kommen
          v. (intransitive) to come; to arrive
          v. (intransitive) to come to; to come over (go somewhere so as to join someone else)
          v. (intransitive) to get; to make it (go somewhere in a way that implies an obstacle or difficulty to be overcome)
          v. (intransitive) to go to; to be put in (go somewhere in a way that is predetermined or prearranged)
          v. (intransitive) to come on
          v. (intransitive, impersonal) to occur; to happen; to come to be
          v. (intransitive) to be played (of a song or film)
          v. (intransitive, personal or impersonal + dative) to orgasm; to cum
     pron. it (referring to things)
     pron. he (with reference to male creatures, people etc. that are grammatically neuter)
     pron. she (with reference to female creatures, people etc. that are grammatically neuter)
     pron. (for impersonal verbs) it
     art. (regional, colloquial) alternative form of das
     conj. (subordinating) that
     conj. (subordinating chiefly colloquial) so that

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