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Tu nicht so, als wüsstest du nichts!


Don't pretend to know nothing!


     v. imperative singular of tun
          v. to do (to perform or execute an action)
          v. (with dative) to do something (positive or negative) to someone
          v. (colloquial) to put, to place, to add
          v. (somewhat informal, with “so”) to fake; to feign; to pretend
          v. (colloquial, with “es”) to work, to function
          v. (chiefly colloquial but acceptable in writing) used with the infinitive of another verb to emphasise this verb
          v. (colloquial, non-standard) used with the infinitive of another verb to emphasise the whole statement
          v. (colloquial, non-standard) used in the past subjunctive with the infinitive of another verb to form the conditional tense (instead of standard würde)
     adv. not
     interj. (tag question, dated or formal) right?; is it?; is it not?
     adv. so, that
     adv. as (followed by an adjective or adverb plus wie in a statement of equality)
     adv. thus, like this/that, in this/that way, in this/that manner
     adv. (colloquial,) expletive; sometimes intensifying, sometimes with no noticeable meaning
     conj. (archaic) an, if
     pron. (obsolete, relative) that, which, who
     conj. (subordinating, referring to something thought of as in the past) at the same moment; when; while; as
     conj. (after comparative) than
     conj. as; like; in the function of; in the form of
     conj. as if
     conj. (after negative pronoun) but
     v. second-person singular subjunctive II of wissen
          v. (transitive or intransitive) to know; to be aware of (a fact)
     pron. thou, you (singular familiar)
     pron. nothing

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