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Machst du bitte das Gas aus?


Would you put out the gas, please?


     v. second-person singular present of machen
          v. to make; to produce; to create an object, arrangement, situation etc.
          v. to take (a photo)
          v. to prepare (e.g. food, drinks)
          v. (transitive, informal) to do (to perform an action)
          v. (transitive, colloquial) to matter (only impersonally)
          v. (transitive, informal, colloquial) to come to; to total; to cost (prices)
          v. (transitive, informal, colloquial) to earn; to receive or create profit
     pron. thou, you (singular familiar)
bitte ... aus
     art. the; nominative singular neuter of der
     art. the; accusative singular neuter of der
     pron. who, that, which (relative) (In a subordinate clause, indicates a person or thing referenced in the main clause. Used with neuter singular referents).
     pron. this, that (demonstrative)
     pron. (colloquial) it
     n-n. gas (matter in a chemical state between liquid and plasma)
     n-n. petrol (only in proverbs)
     n-n. Usage notice: Noone would use the term Gas outside the proverb in the sense of petrol or power.

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