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German Sentence of the Day


Ich pflege zu laufen



     n-n. (psychology) ego, the Ich
     n-n. self, me, him, etc.
     pron. I
     v. first-person singular present of pflegen
     v. first-person singular subjunctive I of pflegen
     v. third-person singular subjunctive I of pflegen
     v. imperative singular of pflegen
          v. to look after; to care for
          v. (medicine, transitive) to nurse
          v. (intransitive, with “zu” followed by an infinitive verb) to perform habitually; to be accustomed to doing something; to be in the habit of doing something
     prep. to, towards
     prep. along with; with
     prep. at, by, on
     prep. with respect to
     part. for; in order to; Used with infinitive of verbs.
     adv. to, towards
     adv. closed, shut
     adv. too; excessively
     adv. (informal, slang) hammered; very drunk
     v. (transitive or intransitive) to walk; to jog; to run (to move on foot; either at a normal or an increased speed)
     v. (intransitive, of a fluid) to flow; to leak; to run
     v. (intransitive, of an event) to be in progress; to run
     v. (intransitive, computing) to run, to execute (a program)
     v. (intransitive, of an event) to be in order; to work; to function
     v. (intransitive, of time) to pass; to flow

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