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Er kommt jetzt rauf.



     n. a person or animal of male gender, a male
     pron. (personal) he.
     pron. (personal) it (when the grammatical gender of the object/article/thing/animal etc., being referred to, is masculine (der)).
     pron. (personal) she (when the grammatical gender of the noun being referred to and designating a female person, is masculine (der)).
     pron. (personal, archaic) Alternative spelling of Er, tr=you (polite)
     v. third-person singular of kommen
     v. second-person plural of kommen
     v. plural imperative of kommen
          v. to come; to arrive
          v. to come to; to come over (go somewhere so as to join someone else)
          v. to get; to make it (go somewhere in a way that implies an obstacle or difficulty to be overcome)
          v. to go to; to be put in (go somewhere in a way that is predetermined or prearranged)
          v. to come on (Used to encourage someone to do something.)
          v. to occur; to happen; to come to be
          v. (impersonal) to be played (of a song or film)
          v. to be due to; to be the result of
          v. to come from (to have a social or geographic background) (+preo, aus, dative)
          v. to orgasm; to cum
          v. to be statistically equivalent to; to be there for (+preo, auf, accusative)
          v. to obtain (a solution or result) (+preo, auf, accusative)
          v. to get an idea; to think of; to remember; to imagine (+preo, auf, accusative)
          v. to lose; to forfeit; not to get (+preo, um)
          v. to touch inadvertently
          v. to manage to reach (something high up etc.) (+preo, an, accusative)
          v. (colloquial copulative with gut or in Ordnung) to turn out (well)
     adv. now (at this moment, right now)
     adv. now, then (expressing a logical or temporal consequence)
     adv. now (unstressed and expletive, used for minor emphasis)
     adv. (colloquial) up, up here, upstairs (towards the speaker)
     adv. (colloquial) up, up there, upstairs (away from the speaker)

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