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Der Himmel ist heute von Wolken bedeckt.



     art. the
     art. feminine singular of der
     art. genitive plural of der
     pron. who; that; which
     pron. feminine dative singular of der: (to) whom, which, that
     pron. (attributive, stressed) that
     pron. (indicative) him, he
     pron. (differential) the one, him
     pron. feminine dative singular of der: (to) that, (to) her
     n-m. sky
     n-m. heaven
     n-m. (bed) canopy
     n-m. (automotive) headliner (interior fabric covering the roof of a vehicle)
     v. third-person singular present of sein
          v. (copulative, with a predicate adjective or predicate nominative) to be
          v. (with a dative object and certain adjectives) to feel, (to experience a condition)
          v. (with a dative object and nach or danach, sometimes with zumute) to feel like, to be in the mood for
          v. (auxiliary) forms the present perfect and past perfect tenses of certain intransitive verbs
          v. to exist; there to be; to be alive
          v. to have the next turn (in a game, in a queue, etc.)
          v. to be "it"; to be the tagger in a game of tag
          det. his
          det. its (agreeing with a masculine or neuter noun)
          det.          (informal) Used to express an approximate number, often with so.
          det. one's
     adv. today
     prep. from
     prep. of, belonging to (often replacing genitive; see usage note below)
     prep. by (with passive voice)
     prep. about, of (a topic)
     prep. on, with (a resource)
     n. plural of Wolke
          n-f. cloud, a visible mass of condensed water droplets in the air
          n-f. cloud, made of steam, ash, smoke or anything that resembles such a mass (may also be Schwaden or Schwade in this sense)
          n-f. nebula, enormous masses of interstellar dust and hydrogen in outerspace (may also be Nebel in this sense)
     Participle. past participle of bedecken
     adj. covered, coated, capped
     adj. overcast
          v. to cover
          v. (gamekeeping) to make mate

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