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Darf ich gehen?



     v. first-person present of dürfen
     v. third-person present of dürfen
          v. (auxiliary) to be allowed (to do something); to be permitted (to do something); may
          v. to be allowed or permitted to do something implied or previously stated; may
          v. (subjunctive ii, auxiliary) Expresses a prediction with mild doubt, that something is estimated or probable.
          v. (colloquial) to must, to have to
          v. (obsolete, transitive, with genitive) to need, to require
     pron. I (first person singular nominative (subject) pronoun)
     v. to go, to walk
     v. to leave
     v. to leave, to take off (aeroplane, train)
     v. (impersonal, intransitive) to be going; to be all right; indicates how the dative object fares
     v. (slightly, informal, intransitive, often, impersonal) to be possible
     v. (colloquial intransitive) to work, to function (of a machine, method or the like)
     v. (colloquial intransitive) to last, to go for, to go on, to be in progress
     v. to sit, to rise, to expand (of dough etc.)
     v. (colloquial intransitive) to be (on) (to pay)
     v. (regional, or dated, impersonal, intransitive) to approach; to be going (on some one) + auf (object) = time
     v. (with genitive, only in combination with Weg) to go one's way, to make one's way (of a path, destination), to go separate ways

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