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am hellichten Tag


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am hellichten Tag
     adv. alternative spelling of am helllichten Tag
     contraction. an + dem, on the, at the
          am Rande - on the margin(s)
          am Leben - alive
     contraction. Forms the superlative in adverbial and predicate use.
          am schnellsten - fastest
          prep. (with a location in the dative case) on; upon; at; in; against
               Das Bild hängt an der Wand. - The picture hangs on the wall.
          prep. (with a time in the dative case) on; in
          prep. (with a dative case object) by; near; close to; next to
          prep. (with a dative case object) by means of; by
          art. the; dative singular masculine of der
          art. the; dative singular neuter of der
          pron. dative singular masculine of der
          pron. dative singular neuter of der
     n-m. a day; a period of time that lasts 24 hours
     n-m. a day; the period from midnight to the following midnight
          Der Tag fängt um Mitternacht an. — The day begins at midnight.
     n-m. a day; the period between sunrise and sunset when there is daylight
          Im Winter sind die Tage kürzer. — During the winter the days are shorter.

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