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Touches noires

     1. v. second-person singular present indicative of toucher
     2. v. second-person singular present subjunctive of toucher
          1. n. The act of touching (see below).
          2. n. A way of touching.
          3. n. The sense of touch, tactility.
          4. v. To touch (physically).
                Ne me touche pas !
                  Don't touch me!
          5. v. To affect
                La maladie touche actuellement 2 millions de personnes.
                  The disease currently affects 2 million people.
          6. v. (intransitive, followed by "√†") To try, to try out.
                Je n'ai jamais touch√© au tabac
                  I've never tried tobacco
          7. v. (intransitive, colloquial) Short for toucher sa bille. To be skillful.
                Ce mec est un ancien critique d'art. Je peux te dire qu'il touche en peinture !
                  This guy is a former art critic. Believe me, he knows a thing or two about painting!
          8. v. (transitive, money, income) to receive, to get
     1. n. feminine plural of Noir
     2. adj. feminine plural of noir
          1. adj. black in colour.
                Ce chat est noir. - This cat is black.
          2. adj. drunk; inebriated.
                Il est noir. - He is drunk.
          3. adj. black, of black ethnicity
                Il est noir. - He is black.
          4. n-m. a black person
          5. n-m. a person whose hair is dark
          6. n-m. dark; darkness
                Je suis seul dans le noir. - I'm alone in the dark.
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