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Google Translation:
Parler tout bas

     1. v. (intransitive) to speak or talk
           Il a commencé à parler à l’âge de quatre ans. - He began to speak at the age of four.
           Ils ont parlé plusieurs heures avant d’aller se coucher.
             They spoke several hours before going to sleep.
     2. v. to be able to communicate in a language; to speak
           Elle parle couramment français. - She speaks French fluently
     3. v. (heraldry) to cant; (of a coat of arms) to make a pun of its bearer's name
           Armes parlantes.
     4. n. parlance
je ne peux pas parler
empêcha d'abord de lui parler
     1. adj. all
     2. pron. everything
     3. adv. all
tout à coup
tout au fond
     1. adj. low
     2. adj. bass
     3. adv. low
     4. n-m. socks; stockings; feet
     5. n-m. lower end; bottom (of a thing)
     6. n-m. stocking
en bas
tout bas
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